Transfigure: you can’t do anything

Rereading the transfiguration scene in Mark, I think I may have twigged why my ex-vicar wanted me to read the passage when I went to see him feeling troubled in my soul a couple of years ago.

I meditated on the passage at the time, feeling that how it spoke to me was about my ability to write off the VERY occasional mountain top experience and remember only the trudge up and the trudge down the mountain.

What struck me this time was the famous vanity of Peter’s suggestion to build three tents/shrines/whatever. In the face of this incredible vision experience, he just wants to do something. He feels he should do something. That just taking it in is not enough. I think I was worried, when I went to see the vicar, that I was not doing enough, that my faith was not making enough difference to my life.

That somehow it wasn’t enough to just listen, as the voice from heaven says (in Mark anyway). Peter’s lesson: when it comes down to it, you really can’t do anything. You can only let God act on you.

Just take it in.

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