Bewildering arms – Lord’s Prayer 28.08.2012

O infinitely fatheringmothering one
So far above the screams of a three month old
who doesn’t know what’s good for her,
yet in them;
Calm us here as there,
throw us over your shoulder, cradle us
that we might cradle others
whose screams invade our tired heads
and provoke the exhausted part of us
to fleeing.
Give us sleep, this and all nights –
the sleep we need, not the sleep we deserve,
the sleep of the just, the only, the barely
but there, cradled.
For yours is the world,
as yet out of focus, that our baby eyes cannot see.
Yours is the vision that will make us gasp in wonder,
the bewildering arms that lift us to the ceiling,
for ever
and ever

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