Credo? ptII

I believe Jesus is someone to be trusted
This was my answer at Skylight Lounge to “Who do you say I am?” But what does this mean in everyday life? If I did trust Jesus, would I be so fearful? Would I be quite so tentative?

I believe Jesus walked among us
A real human being. Flesh and blood. And guts. Mosques and cathedrals – people like to build them big and tall, reaching for the sky, going up to glory, searching for the majestic divine. My God got shit on his sandals.

I have a book on my shelf called The Descent of Man. A subtitle for the Gospel of Mark could be The Descent of God. Wham, bam, superman appears at the beginning, doing all sorts of powerful deeds. But eventually it comes to nothing; an utterly human being destroyed on a cross. God absent. A few scared women. An ellipsis.

I believe Jesus walks among us
In some weird, wonderful way, Jesus is alive. And distributed, as Kester might once have put it. In a body that is many bodies, the life of God repeatedly brought to life in the world.

I believe Jesus is a friend
And we discover that we are his friends as we love others.

I believe Jesus is a brother
See my second paragraph above. Indivisible from humanity. To say, “Jesus is my brother” is a little more real to me than to say “I am a child of God”.

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