Written some years ago now as a reflection for the opening worship of a ‘debriefing’ weekend for groups that had taken part in CMS Encounter teams. Originally intended to be read by two voices, as far as I can remember. Makes me wish I had lived like this since…

Will you commit to travel, to keep moving…
from someone getting used again to their old familiar fears
to someone who is becoming unafraid?
from someone who has been inspired
to someone who takes action?
from someone who wanted to live for God
to someone determined to live for others?

we thought our travelling was done
but our journey has only just begun

we have only begun our letting go
we have allowed ourselves to be displaced
we travelled from our place to someone else’s place
we left our comfort zones
and how easily we have returned to them

can we bear to leave them again each time we encounter God
to let go of what we hold so tightly to receive Christ
to let the Spirit worry and work on us
to be transformed into people who transform the world
never getting there as quickly as we would like
but always on the move, in pursuit of our calling
to the road, the true and living Way

we are fond of saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
but what happens when we have gone 300 miles and begin to wonder whether this was such a good idea after all

if we choose to keep going
it will be a journey of risk and embarrassment
of failure and moments of heart-bursting joy
it will mean exhaustion, tiredness,
falling down and getting up, falling down and getting up
it will be a journey of never arriving

it will be a journey of companionship,
of sharing food when we are hungry
it will mean looking into someone else’s eyes and not turning away

it will be a journey full of questions and not many answers
full of doubt and too little faith
it will mean throwing away the clutter of our lives
the things that stop us being still
the things that stop us being moulded by God
it will mean meaning it
it will mean more than we can ever dream or imagine
it could mean anything

I want to follow you
Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere,
nowhere to lay his head
I want to be saved
Go, sell all you have, and give the money to the poor

It could mean anything
Where do you want to go?

PDF version

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