For the powerful we pray

A reflective session at work yesterday on praying for those in power, coinciding with Obama’s re-election and the Archbishop of Canterbury rumour mill among other things. We were asked to prepare prayers in pairs and other tongue twisters. The bishop and I turned the Lord’s Prayer upside down. A version here…

Yours is the kingdom the power and the glory.
For the powerful we pray –
lead them not into the temptation of thinking the glory and kingdom is theirs,
that they may acknowledge your name above all,
that your will wins their hearts
and turns their hands to building for your kingdom.
Sustain those faced daily with making
decisions that rule the lives of others.
Let us set free the peoples bound by debt
that you may set us free from our economic mess
and our slavery to growth.
Deliver us from evil,
that we may glimpse the glory and power of your true economy.


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