Deliver us from Valium

It seems I wrote this a year ago. Provoked by Walter Brueggemann, The Other Way lecture 4, Hope.

Our Mother
ruling graciously
Your name is different, sounds different, today
– not frenetic; wise; calm.
Your gracious rule should, by rights, be all around us,
beneath, behind, before us
– but is discounted; discarded; disregarded.
Give us this day our daily taste of what’s to come
and has begun if we can only see.
Forgive us for nodding off, for letting our culture send us to sleep when we are meant to stay awake,
and for the results when too many of us have snoozed in lieu of speaking up;
and help us be more generous-spirited to those who fell asleep at the wheel
because they did not have anyone to tell them to stay awake (and maybe it should have been us).
Help us to keep alert – looking out for the signs of your gracious rule breaking in to our world
and messing up the systems of despair that tempt us to give up hope.
Deliver us from Valium.
For yours is the way, the truth and the life,
“and not any of these other operations” as Walter would say:


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