Long, now

It was an hour. More or less.
A fracture in our banal stress.
We drank tea as details of our lives
trickled by, a stream we sat beside.

I listened to the points you made
and how you said the things you said.
You did the same for me and prayed
secretly, behind your eyes.

Without a list of pros and cons,
we planned to snatch more times like these
that magnify with distance, teach
the meaning of ‘eternal life’.

We rose like dough. This lovers’ time
Had worked through us like yeast.

This was a poem for the Greenbelt Festival Guide in 2009. The theme of the festival was ‘Standing in the Long Now’ and when it came to submit I didn’t have a good title, so I gave it this one. After the festival I got a facebook message from Angela Denner saying she had made it into a song. This was an extraordinary compliment that left me a little bewildered at the time. Thank you Angela.

There is also a quote to be posted about the relationship between lovers’ time and eternal life, but I have to find it…

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