On not praying for the Philippines

The only possible humane response to Typhoon Haiyan is twofold: practical help and anger at God.

If God is God, then God is where the buck stops.

I confess that I have ony just stopped to seriously think about the situation facing tens of thousands in the Philippines. And the only response I can make without cringing – but also the one I still don’t have the guts to say in a prayer meeting (possibly for fear of tears) is,

“Why have you done this to us?”

And then to ask myself what I am actually going to sacrifice to help my sisters and brothers in the Philippines.

What good are our reasonable intercessions if we do not weep with those who weep?

Let us not pray for the Philippines. But with the Philippines.

And let us try holding God to account.

I think he is up for the conversation.

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