Our father
What do you want from a father
but for him to know that you love him
and for you to know that he is proud of you

who art in heaven
it is though like loving a ghost, holy or no
a whisper, a mist, a dream – of what
you may or may not need to know
an embrace that is always a molecule away

hallowed be your name
we still wonder what to call you
wonder what is your meaning

Your kingdom come, your will be done
where is your meaning, can we trace
the slight signifying thread that ties,
binds, tugs at collapsing egos, tugs at guts
queasy-making unto surrender

on earth as in heaven
a shutterclick window of synchronicity
shifting subtly as the early light

Give us today our daily bread
not just bread and jam, jam
the shutter for a longer look.
Give us something to chew on

Forgive us our trespasses
but not to choke on, gazing
into the striplit mirror, unflinch us

As we forgive others
that our own heartache does not numb us
to the humans we call strangers, friends

Lead us not into temptation
to their needsĀ and uses

And deliver us from evil
Don’t let us die before we have faced ourselves

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours
Show us how to see
how to act
how to be

Now and forever



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