When Jesus was nine months old

He was on the move – every which way but forwards. Pivoting, yes; reversing, yes; rolling, yes. But just not quite pushing up and pushing forward. He had also developed a really annoying whine, designed to tell his mother and father that he really wasn’t happy about something and to fling down the gauntlet to […]


What I do is what I believe… I think. This post began nearly two years ago at the start of the Course in Christian Studies I recently completed. It was homework. I suppose I really should finish it. The task: two columns. Left: things I really believe about God. Right: The implications for the way […]

Supper Stories – a prequel

Tonight, at a village Baptist church, it is communion. The sermon has been preached and now a different atmosphere falls. Solemnity, reverence, hush. A deacon leads a prayer of thanksgiving, recalling perhaps the agony of Christ on the cross, the disbelief that it was possible that he went through that suffering even for me, even […]

I long for the big reveal

A kind of blank canvas When asked for my first recollected images of God, I draw blanks I have assumptions that it was Sunday School stories and Children’s Bible pictures But I have no felt recollections, or at least they are buried deep. Someone suggests it is like the Emmaus Road God/Spirit/Jesus Come alongside me […]